Welcome to our internet Showroom

Every architectural signage system is as individual as its enviroment. Just like architecture, usage, visitor frequency and the local demands vary greatly from case to case, as such each system must be developed out of the particular requirements of the object.

Clear, decisive and unmistakable information, delivered over an unobtrusive, nevertheless clearly well designed medium; production using high-quality materials; location planning; eventuality planning for future needs and changes; dedicated service and many years of operational experience are just a few of the factors that make the ARTRA-System much more than just a collection of signs.

We work, preferably, with high-qualtiy materials like glass and stainless steel. Their elegant appearance, timeless style and longevity allow for a homogeneous integration in all architectural styles and periods.

We offer a large diversity of inscripting methods. Offset, screen, ceramic, digital printing and vinyl lettering are just a few examples of a wide range which is further extended by the possibilities of laser cutting and engraving, chromium plating and caustic etching.

On the following pages are some examples of the services and products we offer. Fixed measurements and standard sizes have been delibrately omitted, because we do not offer standard signs. We offer you a tailormade solution perfectly suited and designed in accordance to your needs.

Just contact us and we shall put together an offer based on your individual requirements.