The ARTRA System is based on the principles of simplicity, functionality, flexibility and quality.

Simplicity stands for the high aesthetic standards, functionality for the diversification and variety of inscription methods and materials, flexibility for the absolute freedom in formats and Quality is the underlying factor that governs all others.

These pages serve to inform you about the basics of the ARTRA System, which allow the realisation of a personal, custommade signage system with full functionality, standard setting design and maximum flexibility.

Glass plates are the main carrier material used in the ARTRA System. Depending on the application, a single or double paned glass is used. As far as technically possible, we recommend the usage of TSG (Thermal Safety Glass).

All the inscription methods are available and can be optimally mixed and varied to achieve the best possible functionality and flexibility required.

We cannot possibly list all our services and products here. We specialise in the creation of custom made solutions, which normally means that even if we cannot do something today, we will be able to do it tomorrow if a customer requires it. If you require something, contact us - we assure you, we shall provide you with a solution meeting your requirements.